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Transportaton from Lovrijenac to Gruz

I will be arriving in Dubrovnik by cruise ship on Easter Sunday morning in April 2020. NCL does not offer a religious service on board. I have found that St Ignatius Catholic Church within the city walls of Dubrovnik offers an English mass at 11am. My research indicates that I can take a bus or taxi to Ploce gate and walk to St Ignatius in less then 10 minutes. After mass, I would like to walk to Lovrijenac which also looks like a short 10 min walk. Can anyone verify that this is acurate? Also, will I be able to catch a taxi or bus from Lovrijenac to Gruz Cruise ship port? If this roughly a 30 min ride? Thank you

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It would probably be faster to take a taxi or bus (if running on Easter) to the Pile Gate instead of Ploce Gate and walk from there. Old Town Dubrovnik is pretty compact, so the walk from Pile Gate to St. Ignatius shouldn't be longer than about 10 minutes. Lovrijenac is very near the Pile Gate, so you can just return to that area after the Easter service. I've taken a bus both ways between Pile Gate and the Gruz port and the ride wasn't terribly long. I don't remember the exact time, but it was probably no more than 15 minutes. It should be a bit faster by taxi.

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You can enter either gate into the old city, no need to taxi around the city to the Ploce side. Take a bus or short, inexpensive taxi ride to the Pile gate. After you enter, walk down the Stradum (the main street, can’t miss it) to the end, a short walk. Turn right at the end, walk a little till you see a square, there should be a morning market going on, not sure since it will be Easter Sunday. Anyway, Walk through the market/square and you will see a very long staircase. The Church is at the top of that staircase. Since it will be Easter, there should be many people going to Mass. You can always ask someone for directions. If you google the Church you can see the staircase I am talking about..
To get back to the Lovrijenac retrace your steps, exit the gate and turn left. Walk a little till you see the fort. I believe you have to go down stairs first for the fort.