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Transportation frustration Italy to Croatia

Bear with me. 4 trips to Europe and the logistics of this one are making me throw my hands up!

When I started planning this trip I saw a flight from Naples to Dubrovnik, so I booked apartments:
* September 3-8th in the Sorrento area
* 8th - 11th Korcula City
* 11th-14/15th Dubrovnik

I now cannot see that flight...or any flights out of Naples to Dubrovnik. Vueling out of Rome seems to be the best option. However, from Sorrento to Rome airport with a driver early enough to catch a 10:55 flight, and then waiting for the 4:00 ferry to Korcula City (6pm), has me wondering: "what was I thinking" ?

DH is not interested in the ferry across the Adriatic, so that has narrowed my options as well. Returning home from Dubrovnik is also proving to be a challenge. I was thinking I would just get round trip Rome to Philadelphia and could work out the rest hmmmmm....We know we'll have to make 1 stop, more than that ... well, I can only say we're getting too old for all that LOL!

My questions would be: am I missing something? Are there any flights from Naples to Dubrovnik after Sept 1/2? It just isn't feeling like a good plan now that that flight is not showing up. We haven't booked air yet; deposits on apartments are our only out-of-pocket. Maybe we'll just fly to Malta instead haha! Any comments will help reduce my anxiety.

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Using, I believe I'm seeing the same options that you did, e.g.: no direct flights from Naples, one direct Rome-Dubrovnik on 7 Sept and two direct Rome-Dubrovnik flights on 8 Sept, and three from Rome to Split. (Flight connections from Naples airport are mostly "self transfer" to a different airline, not code-shared.) So yes, I think you will want to adjust some plans.

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As I recall, after beach season, which officially ends with August, ferries and flights become scarcer. Can you cancel your apartments if all else fails?

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Transport options certainly become more limited after "high season" - exactly how that shakes out depends on where and when, but it's generally true, especially true IME in Croatia.

Returning from Dubrovnik shouldn't be very difficult. You will certainly need to connect somewhere in Europe, but there are plenty of flights from Dubrovnik to Frankfurt; from there, you should be able to find non-stops to many US cities.

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This is great ...your comments confirm I am limited in my options on these dates. I think the only deposit I would lose is $73, so changing dates/itinerary seem to be the best idea for my aching head. I was mistaken in thinking that just because it is high season pricing throughout September that services would be in full swing during that period too. I think we will plan another trip that starts within those constraints and allow more than a week. I'm disappointed but I know we will enjoy ourselves with fewer travel days... and there is always next year! Thanks for your help!