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Transportation from Zagreb to Ljubljana

Which is better transportation from Zagreb to Ljubljana train or bus on a Saturday morning? The Croatia guidebook is a little vague.
Thank you in advance.

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Looks like the train does not leave until 12:47. Takes 2:20 with no train changes. I prefer the train.

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Like Threadwear, I greatly prefer the train if it's a reasonable option. I'd take the bus only if it's at a more convenient time or a lot cheaper or something. But, some people really don't care either way whether they ride a train or a bus. (makes a big difference to me! I can read on a train; I get motion sickness if I try to read on a bus.) That's a personal preference.

I took the train from Ljubljana to Zagreb years ago and it was fine. Some of the ride is really pretty.

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We took the train from Zagreb to Ljubljana. It is a very pleasant journey, about 2.5 hours. In 2019, we bought our train tickets the day before we traveled, and they were very inexpensive at the time, about $9.00 one-way per person.

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Train tickets are still €9. Much more scenic on the train.
The border crossing was longer, but easier (wait for them to get to your seat).
The bus was more expensive but met our schedule out to Ljubljana.

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I just used GoOpti Shuttle from Zagreb to Ljubljana and it couldn't have been easier. Price is great.