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Transfer from Split airport to split ( apartment < .5 mile from bus station )

My husband and I will be traveling to Croatia in late September. We will be returning our rental car at the airport, Sunday 9/29/19. Has anyone had experience with Airport Shuttle or Uber from the airport? We have checked into private transfers (more expensive). And city bus less expensive but more hassle. Thanks ahead for your input.


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I took the Croatia Airlines shuttle on the way back to the airport. It worked out just fine; much more economical than a private transfer (which I made the mistake of taking on my way to Split).

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When I was in Split some years ago, I had to travel out to the airport during my stay before flying out at the end - and I wound up taking the city bus out to the airport and the Croatia airlines bus back. I actually had trouble finding the city bus stop at the airport to get back into Split (so I took the Croatia Airlines bus instead)- but you wouldn't have to deal with that if departing to the airport.

Still, I too would take the Croatia Airlines bus if you can. The schedule is timed for Croatia Airlines flights, but anyone can take the bus. It's an express bus and costs a little more than the city bus (which makes stops) but worth it. I took the Croatia Airlines bus the final morning to the airport, too, at a very early hour to get to the airport for a 6am flight and it worked out fine despite having to get up at 3am!!!

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We did a private taxi in May 50 Euro is pricey BUT be careful about Uber - cars are not allowed in the "center" you might have to walk. Our driver had people meet us and take our bags to the hotel included in the price.