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TransAtlantic travel partner from US to Europe


Are you tired of flying on cramped airliners, with mediocre food, stale, recirculated air, and pathetically restrictive baggage requirements, but still like to travel and see new places? Me too!

That's why I am looking at transatlantic cruises (and freighters), to make the trip in more comfort (maybe even "style"?) and apart from the stress-laden monotony of air travel.

My name is Jay. I am looking for a travel partner to share (even split) the price of a cheap cabin on the Queen Mary II going from New York to South Hampton (England), but I am flexible if you know of a different option going somewhere else in Europe (like Italy, Spain, Croatia, Greece).

I'm also open to other sailing options not leaving before the first week in August and preferably no later than mid-Sept.

If you're interested in a sea voyage and also want to see Europe, get in touch and let's explore the options!


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