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too late in the season?

We were planning flying into Split on Oct 17 ferrying around Dalmatia, retuning to Split and renting a car to visit Plitvice and tour Istria. We planned on departing for home from Split on Nov 7.
I noticed that after Oct 15th there may be little open in most of the coastal towns.
Anyone out there with experience with travelling this time of year.

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I have been in Europe I think in every month of the year and each has something unique to offer. Of course pairing the month with the right location helps too. In the dead of winter I have a better time in places with hard winters as the population does not "wait out the cold weather" they have adapted and use it to their advantage. In the fall, like you suggest the options are really pretty broad; and then there are places that are so enhanced by warmer weather it makes no sense to go any other time of the year.

The cities like Split I am sure will be fine and interesting in the Fall and one advantage is that the tourist crush will be gone and the drunk European TrustFund Brats will not be around in the same numbers. The park is open year round and I suspect the water will look the same in October as it does in August (not a huge fan of the trip to Pltivice unless you just have tons of unused time to kill ... but thats just me).

But part of the beauty of Croatia hinges on warmer weather. If you thought you might make a few more trips back over the years then thats one thing, but if this is a one-off trip I would save it for mid September at the latest and use this time to do something more weather appropriate elsewhere in Europe.

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When you say ferrying around Dalmatia, you should check on ferries at that time of year. I was in Croatia in April, which to the ferry companies is preseason and there was a dearth of ferries. Enough so that we did not go to any of the islands. At least not on stringing them together as in going up the coast.

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Krilo and Jadrolinija are the main catamaran operators. I would think that the primary island towns would be fine (Stari Grada, Hvar, Korcula)--I'd go for it if the weather is fine.

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You could also just enjoy Split and do some day trips, then head to Istria after Plitvice. You'll be approaching truffle season, so it is a very good time to be in Istria!

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Thanks everyone for your suggestions and experiences in Croatia.
We genearlly try to travel in the shoulder to off seasons. I was a bit concerned about ghost towns on the islands.
I think we will go for it after checking the catamaran schedules. And head to Istria at the end for truffle season!!
Thanks again

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There will be at least one ferry everyday as this is how the locals get on and off the islands. Some hotels close early October for the season as do restaurants. But remember. The shop, restaurant, and hotel owners who live on the coast stay open for the locals.

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Ill be going the same time as you. Like others have said, sometimes these times have their unique advantages!@