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To pack or not to pack...water shoes

We will be in Croatia mid June into the first week of July. I've heard that water shoes are a good idea when swimming. I definitely want to pack for best case scenario and not worst case scenario. Who packed water shoes? Are they easily purchased over there if needed? Possible swimming in Split, Dubrovnick and Korčula (in that order).

Posted by Cindi
Montclair, Virginia, United States
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Pack water shoes. Most the beaches/shores are rocky/pebbly as opposed to soft sand.

Posted by Jessica
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Jeanine, in my experience on rocky beaches on the mediterranean, water shoes are essential. The rocks can be absolutely excruciating. We are debating the same thing, only for Greece. Ive heard that water shoes are easily purchased in Greece and inexpensively, and so we intend to buy them there so that we don't have to have the extra weight in our carry-on luggage on the way. But if you are checking luggage or this isn't a concern, I would bring them--

Posted by don
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I agree with the prior statements, I use a pair of low cut 3mm neoprene divers boots because they pack well. You will enjoy the beaches much more if you cover your feet because rocky pebbles hurt to walk on.

Posted by Paul
Cedar, IA, USA
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You will need them, only a very rare beach has anything close to sand, but if you really do not plan to be in the water, then you might get by.

I would lean towards just bringing them. That way you know you have them, likely have ones that fit well and are comfortable. Any you find available there are likely to be cheaply made and a premium price.

Posted by Laura B
San Francisco
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Or -- my favorite walking sandals are Keen H2O's, so I can just walk into the water and let them dry out later.

Posted by Kathi
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Lived in my Keens both times when we spent a month in Europe, not only are they extremely comfy to walk around in, some styles even had great arch support, but we could swim in them as well. Kind of ugly, but sometimes you can’t have it all!

Posted by Jennifer
Tunbridge Wells
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There are lots of places there that sell water shoes. Unless you have hardy feet, you will need some protection. I just use flip flops.