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Tipping tour guides - One week tour

We will be in Croatia for 11 days in September, including a one week, small group guided tour. We've never been on a tour, before. We've always followed our own plans ... or lack of plans.

Per an email that we recently received from the operator, we should tip the tour guides 5-10% ... which would be about 275 -550 Euros, Not something I had anticipated. With probably something like 6 couples on the tour, the tips would total 1650 - 3300 Euros, if all did as suggested for the two guide-team.

What say you ?

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I took a guided Large grp tour for 12days. The suggested tip was $10 per day pp however he was not the driver. Also he was a general croatian tour guide not a specialist. Ie archaeologist etc.
Maybe he is also the driver and using his vehicle ? Your question is def worth a question to the tour operator.