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Time to enter Plitvice Park

I am booking my entrance into the park and am wondering if 7 am means just at 7 or if it extends for the whole hour. Our B and B is right by the entrance and breakfast starts at 7. I’d rather get there earlier. But was uncertain how the timing worked and can’t find it anywhere. (I’m sure I am missing it. )thanks in advance.

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I just did this for Entrance 2, 8am.

We got to the parking lot at 7:30, then to the 'entrance' at 7:45. We got our tickets scanned. If we wanted to hike up to the start of Route H we could have started right away (7:45). Instead we lined up for the bus to take us. They stagger the busses to thin the crowds out so we didn't get on our bus until about 8:30. Then we did our thing for about 6 hours.

While I've only done it the one time, route H from Entrance 2 was nice. You do the Upper Lakes first so you are always walking downstream. Lunchtime lined up perfectly for when we arrived at the picnic area at the Lower Lakes.

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How long would it take to walk to the start of Route H if you didn't want to wait for the bus?

We are going to be at Plitvice in mid-September, arriving mid-afternoon, staying at Hotel Grabovac, and re-entering the park first thing the next morning. I am assuming we should make a reservation, but does anyone know if we will really need one at 3:00 in afternoon in mid-September? I'm hoping we won't have any problem getting the hotel to stamp our passes for re-admission the next day and entering when the park opens. It sounds like this might mean we would miss breakfast at the hotel (it would be nice if they started breakfast at 6:30). Does anyone have any suggestions about the best routes to take when you split up the hiking into two days? We are willing to walk up to three hours each time we are there. I am thinking about starting at Entrance 2 in the afternoon and doing the upper lakes? What would be the best route to take? If we enter Entrance 2 the first afternoon will they let us enter at Entrance 1 the next morning?
Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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When we went to PLJ, in 2011, we happened by chance to be there on Croatian National Day. Good timing, eh? We were in the parking lot with 300-400 other people and some moron who worked there kept saying "Everyone will get on the bus". It was patently obvious that everyone WOULD NOT get on the bus, unless the bus held 300-400 people. So, we just walked. It wasn't difficult. We walked up from the lower lakes to the upper lake (waterfalls first), and it was not a problem. We were all pretty OK with walking, but did not in any sense find it strenuous or difficult.