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Suggestions for day trip from Dubrovnik

We will be staying in Dubrovnik for 2.5 days. I have heard that Dubrovnik is quite small. Should I plan a day trip? Mostar looks amazing, but is it worth spending a full day to see it? Are there other places closer to Dubrovnik that would be just as amazing for a side trip?
Thank you!

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Yes, you can easily do a day trip to Montenegro, which is much closer. While you can "squeeze" in a trip to Mostar, it probably wouldn't be the best use of a very short timeframe. I would spend 1.5 days in Dubrovnik and do a day trip to Montenegro. I took a whirlwind Viator tour but, in retrospect, I wouldn't hesitate renting a car and driving if you wanted more "quality" time in less places. Although I wouldn't have seen as much on my own as with the day tour (however whirlwind it was, and it definitely was).

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It's an easy drive of a couple hours each way (rent a car in Dubrovnik for the day). Lovely old city with huge ramparts and fortifications running up the mountain behind town that you can climb, incredible views out over the Bay of Kotor - a great place to explore for a day if you can be there when there's no cruise ship in port (check schedules).

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I’d echo Kotor. We rented a car for the day and enjoyed a ride each way with plenty of time in the town. A car keys you set your own schedule.

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I'd plan a day trip but not necessarily go to Kotor. Depends how much time you truly have in Dubrovnik itself. You could do something quicker like a day trip to Lokrum Island or a bus (or ferry?) to the town of Cavtat (neither of which I've done myself).

Yes, if you go to Kotor, rent a car and drive yourself so you can stop long the bay on the way to Kotor and take pictures - you can, and you'll want to. (Hint: there's a detour through Konfin at the border to Montenegro that could be less busy - tour buses can't use it, so no line of traffic probably. If not a busy time of year, maybe not worth worrying about.) Driving in Croatia is pretty easy; less fun driving in Dubrovnik itself. You could also hire a guide to drive you I guess; might cost more obviously but if you can stop as you drive...

You can take a guided day tour or a public bus or something, but it just wouldn't be the same as driving in my opinion. This is a case of "the journey is the destination." Kotor itself is OK, not as nice as Dubrovnik. The view above from the "walls" (a very steep climb up above town) is breathtaking and a must-do if you are in shape for it. "Walking the walls" in Dubrovnik (also very worth doing) is a completely different experience - truly you are walking around Dubrovnik vs. climbing up above it.

Stop in little Perast on the drive over to Kotor.

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Thank you all so much for your advice. It sounds like driving ourselves down to Kotor would be a great side trip. Yay!