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Student in Dubrovnik

I am going to Dubrovnik with 3 other students for 2 days. How much money should I bring? I am also going to Athens and Mykonos, then to Rome and Bologna. I’m trying to plan out my expenses and don’t know how much money to bring for a week of traveling. Flights and hostel/hotels have been paid for.

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So you are paying for food and drink? How much do you like to drink?

What level of food are you going for?

Coffees are about $1.50, you can get a glass of wine during happy hour for $2-3 in the right bar. Food, depending on the type, can be expensive, or not too much. My thought is $20-25/day should be OK. For the whole week, $200 is probably enough. But again, I don't know what your plans for eating and drinking are. But bring $300. BTW: Most restaurants will take credit cards.

You can probably pull up a restaurant menu. The kuna is 6.5 K to $1. A coffee at 12 K is about $1.80. I just figure 7 to 1.

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Do you have an ATM card you can use to withdraw cash as you need it? I would not carry any large amounts of cash on you at any time.