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Split/Zagreb/Frankfurt connections

On my way home, I have a short connection in Zagreb, flights booked through United but Split to Zagreb, Zagreb to Frankfurt are on Croatia airlines.
Just wondering what it is the airport is like in Zagreb if anyone else has connected through there. Are the gates likely to be close together? Should I (can I?) check a bag from Split all the way through to the US? Or would carry on luggage be better?
I'm assuming I will have to hustle along but I'm hoping it will work out fine since that's the only flight combination United had for me that day.

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I am too, that's why I read this forum to find out info for new places we go.

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I can add my experience to that of Barbara’s. As she said, the Zagreb airport is small. Our connection time in FRA was short, and our flight was late, but we still made it. Miraculously, our bags did, too. As long as your flights are on a single ticket, the airlines will do their damnedest to get you on board. I’d go ahead and check the bag. Schlepping it will only slow you down.

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I am flying through Zagreb Airport in June, starting and ending a Rick Steves tour. My research agrees with the above comments. I have found the airport website (link below) useful. There look to be fewer than ten gates.