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my husband and I are very interested in visiting Split/diocletian's palace but it seems to be a complicated destination. So, how would you recommend we go?

  • drive from Italy? Is it complicated or chancy passing through borders?

  • by sea?

  • by air? To Dubrovnik and then to Split via ...

Thanks for any advice.

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I don't completely understand your question. Are you saying you want to come to Croatia only to see Split and Diocletian's Palace and nothing else? Or do you want to plan a Croatian trip that includes Split and other things?

If you want to spend some time in Croatia, what else would you want to see? How much time would you have? When would you visit? Where would you start out - Italy? You don't have to set foot in Italy to visit Croatia - you can fly from the US into/out of Split (or Dubrovnik, or Zagreb) with connecting flights probably in other European cities. Check to see the best connections from your favorite US airport.

If you want to start in Italy for some reason, rent a car, and drive down to Croatia it's fairly easy - I've driven most of it. You would drive from Italy through Slovenia to the Croatian border (no border check between Italy and Slovenia.) There's nothing "chancy" at the border with Croatia and Slovenia - it's a routine passport check for American passport holders. Croatia is in the European Union now but not yet in the Schengen Area so there is still a border check.

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Croatia Airlines has direct flights from Rome to Split. Why would you fly to Dubrovnik first if you are only interested in Split? Or do you want to include Dubrovnik as well as Split?

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Hi Christina,
I live in Split and I don't know where did you get the information that is complicated to get to Split, but I will try to explain you several ways.
1. By air - airport is just 30 minutes drive with cab or bus from the center. Here you can find more information ( Alternative will be to land in Zadar (160 km away from Split) and take a bus to Split.
2. By bus - main bus station is in the center of town. More information here:
3. By sea - you can take ferry from Ancona, Italy and get to split over night. More info: Ferry port is also in the center of town
4. By air with hydroplane - amazing, but not cheap way to get here. More info here: Hydroplane will land in ferry port.
5. By train - station is also in the center of Split. More info here:
6. By car - highway exit is just 15km from the city. See this link for more info:
I hope that this will help you.

If you need an accommodation I can recommend you this: The house is located in the center, just a few minutes walk from the Diocletian's Palace. Host will give you all tips you need, what to see, where to eat, what to do and etc..

Have a nice vacation