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SNAV Ferry from Split to Ancona

I am taking the overnight ferry from Split to Ancona, which departs at 730p and arrives at 7am.

My question is how long to account for debarking in Ancona. I need to book a train to Bologna. If I take the 9am train, is there enough time to debark and get to the train station?

Also, can I get an Uber from the Ferry terminal, or is there a better method?

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Try posting in the Italy forum also.
I think there will be a bus to the train station.
I would wait to buy train tickets.

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I am curious how your crossing went? I am taking this ferry tomorrow evening. How did you get to the train station? If by bus was luggage a problem? If by taxi or Uber what was the cost.

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We saw the ferry in the harbor the other night. I would also like to know how the trip went for a future trip.

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The ferry ride itself was uneventful. I'm definitely glad I splurged on the cabin. It was very basic but at least I had a bed to sleep in in some privacy.

The ferry actually arrived in port almost a half an hour early.

And intercom announcement directed us to wait on deck 7 the morning we arrived but I saw a guy who looked like a regular waiting by the stair on deck 5. So I stayed there. Turned out to be a wise move because I was the second person off the ferry.

I tried Uber once on the ground but it did not seem to work. It was a long walk to the gate at the end of the pier. Once there I saw only 2 taxes waiting. I managed to get the second one. He had a preprinted €15 sign in the car. We were at the train station in 7 minutes.

I did not see any buses at the pier. Interestingly there was also no passport or immigration control leaving the ferry. They did check my passport when I got my ticket in Split.

I overcompensated and had booked a 930 train to Bologna. Fortunately the agent was able to get me on an earlier train and I had to scramble but was able to catch the 730.

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Thank you, @jfoster, for sharing your detailed experience! Your insight into the debarking process at Ancona and the logistics of getting to the train station is immensely helpful for future travelers on the Split-Ancona route.

I'm glad to hear that you managed to catch an earlier train despite the few logistical hiccups with transportation at the pier. The €15 preprinted sign and the 7-minute taxi drive to the train station is good info to have. It's somewhat surprising to hear that there was no passport or immigration control upon arrival in Ancona – definitely a noteworthy point for future travelers to be aware of.

For future travelers reading this thread: it might be a good idea to plan a buffer into your schedule, as ferry arrival times can sometimes be unpredictable. Jfoster’s experience of having to walk a long distance from the ferry to the taxi stand and limited availability of taxis/Ubers at the pier indicates that it’s prudent to allow for extra time to navigate these logistics, especially if you are trying to make a connecting train or bus.

In the peak of tourist season, transportation options may be more robust, but ensuring you're not rushed and have backup plans is always a good strategy. If possible, exploring local forums or reaching out to local tourism offices for the most current information on ground transportation options and logistics might also be a good preparatory step.

Check also the website of Jadrolinija, the Croatian Ferry company:

Wishing everyone smooth and delightful travels across the Adriatic!