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Smoke-free in Split, Croatia

Hi, I'm planning a trip with 15 other people to Split, Croatia. Having trouble finding current info on the status of smoke-free venues. Are restaurants, bars, hotels smoke free? We are all sensitive to smoke and would prefer not having to deal with it everywhere we go.
Thanks for any advice on this

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Yeah, well, it's Europe. Lot of smokers. What time of year are you going? There's always sitting outside. If you are going to bars, there are more smoke-allowed places in Europe.

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Croatia is known for their tobacco. Although I have to say, they don't seem to smoke while eating and are much more considerate about it then other places.
You will have to deal with it some. Ask for smoke free rooms. Some hotels seem to have that option.
People who smoke really did seem to do it away from others and I never noticed it at the restaurants. Just skip the night time bars.
Take a side trip to Medjugorje very beautiful peaceful place that does not grow tobacco anymore :)

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You can easily get non-smoking hotel rooms (just look on As far as restaurants, it really varies. I don't remember anyone smoking indoors but definitely outdoors (which is a shame, since you want to sit outdoors in a place like Croatia). You'll just have to roll with it...there are no guarantees re: non-smokers in a former Yugoslavian country.

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In 2015 I spent over a week in Zagreb and a little time in Zadar--not necessarily representative of Split, I realize. I am sensitive to smoke and get annoyed if people smoke in non-smoking areas. I did not encounter that in Croatia, though it's probably the case that smoking is explicitly allowed at outdoor tables. I'm accustomed to heading straight indoors as a matter of course. It's not always a pleasant experience in warm weather, because a/c is not universally present. There can also be a bit of an issue with slow service if you're the only person sitting indoors while all the other customers puff away outside, but it goes without saying that a group of 15 people is not going to be forgotten! I'm a solo traveler and no ones top priority. And European waiters aren't good about checking to see whether you need more water anyway, even if you are sitting in a high-traffic area.

The place I've had the most trouble avoiding smoke at restaurants was southern France, down near the Spanish border. Last year two different restaurants refused to let me sit inside at lunchtime, though there were tables present. It was sit outdoors with the smokers or nothing, so I walked away. If I'd had time I'd have gone to the tourist office and complained.

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My family was in Split the first week of July. I agree a non-smoking room is easy to come by and smoking is not something we experienced indoors. Outside is a different story. While there didn't seem to be as many smoking at outdoor restaurants as other parts of Europe, you will encounter it even just in passing others in the narrow alleyways, strolling through the squares, on the ferry, etc. I had one of the worst sinus infections of my life when I got home, partly attributed to being around more cigarette smoke than I am accustomed. If you react similarly, be prepared with medications to help you ward off allergic reaction. If it's more of an annoyance, well, be prepared for that too.

All that said, I would hop on the next flight out and go back today if I could! Just a little better prepared. :) It's an amazing place!