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SIMM card for U.K., Slovenia, Croatia, and Hungary

We will be traveling to UK, Croatia, Slovenia, and Hungary. Can you help us figure out if there is a SIMM card that will work for a phone in all of these countries. Any help is appreciated.

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Many SIM cards will work now in multiple countries without extra cost that the EU has removed roaming charges. If you will start in the UK, you can buy a SIM card there - just make sure it allows roaming at all. If it does - until Brexit, anyway - it should work fine in the other countries you list.

In May, I bought a Dutch Vodafone SIM card on eBay and activated it before leaving the US. (I never even visited the Netherlands.) I used my phone with this SIM card in Slovenia, Italy, and France, and it worked perfectly as soon as I arrived in Europe. Some of the UK SIM cards can be bought ahead of time too though it can be a challenge to top them off without being in the UK (sometimes Paypal will work). But if you are comfortable buying a SIM card in the first country you arrive in, you should be OK for the other countries.