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Sim card in Croatia, Slovenia, and Bosnia

Planning a trip to the three counties this summer. I have an unlocked phone from AT&T. Wonder I could buy a sim card that let me use in all three countries. Any suggestion is appreciated.

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You can buy a SIM card that you will be able to use in all three countries, but it will not be cost-effective.

Slovenia and Croatia are both in the EU, so roaming charges are limited. EU calls and texts are a 6 and 3 cent surcharge on the domestic price respectively, while data incurs a 6 cent surcharge per MB. As long as you don't plan on using your phone too much, it's a good deal. However, if you plan on using a gigabyte of data or more, consider getting separate SIM cards. In my opinion, if you can somewhat limit your phone usage when you aren't on Wi-Fi, getting a SIM card in one country and roaming in the other will be fine.

Bosnia is outside of the EU and roaming charges will be absolutely extortionate so a separate SIM card is a necessity there.

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Hi, I am also interested in this discussion.

I have an iPad mini that can accept a nano sim card. Last year I was in greece for a month and picked up a nano sim from a vodofone shop on santorini. 24 euros 2 gigs or something like that. It was great, couldnt beleive the reception on the islands. Can you recommend a where I should purchase a nano sim card. Does vodafone cover Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia? or can you recommend another provider? I will be with the Adriatic RS tour for 2 weeks then a week sea kayaking near Dubrovnic.

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I am not aware of Vodafone being in any of the three countries. Nano SIM cards are widely available, at least with the major operators. In Slovenia, Mobitel (currently rebranding into Telekom) and Simobil are the major providers with the best network, in Croatia choose either T-Mobile or Vip. All of these networks have excellent 4G coverage and almost universal 3G coverage. You can also opt for one of the virtual providers that use their networks, they are usually good value but I'm afraid I don't know the specifics as to which operator uses which network, nor whether they offer nano SIM cards. I am sure that if you ask at the point of sale they will be able to advise.

Not familiar enough with Bosnian networks to give any further advice other than to avoid roaming there at all costs, I'm afraid.

Finally, I'm sorry I forgot to mention this in my earlier post, but if you'll be travelling in the summer and starting in Slovenia, using a Slovenian SIM card in Croatia could be even cheaper. Both Mobitel/Telekom and Simobil offer summer deals on data roaming in Croatia, usually of very good value. They're seasonal offers and change from year to year, so cannot advise until the offers are announced sometime in May or June. However, just to give you an example from last year, Mobitel/Telekom offered 3 gigs of data per month on T-Mobile's Croatian 4G network for €10. Simobil had a similar offer.