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Should I stay in Split and day trip to Hvar or stay on Hvar if I will only have one day there? Thx!

Traveling for nine days from Zagreb to Dubrovnik with my two teens, and trying to decide which of these is better:

  1. Return my car in Split near end of the day, spend one night and only the next morning seeing Split, and then take a ferry to Hvar. I would only have the next day to see Hvar and snorkel on Pakleni since we need to leave Hvar early the next morning for the ferry to Dubrovnik. So two nights, but only one day.

  2. Instead of two ferries, lots of Ubers, and yet another 2-night stay, book a hotel in Split for three nights, and take a day trip to visit Hvar and snorkel on Pakleni. This option would give me time to snorkel at Primostenand on the drive from Sibenik and also visit Trogir (curious if it’s worth stopping at Primostenand). However, this option means taking a bus from Split to Dubrovnik (Sun Gardens Hotel).

  3. Do option #2, but instead of taking a bus, keep my car and drive to Dubrovnik (Sun Gardens is north of the city) and then I could drive into Dubrovnik when I visit and also drive to the airport two days later (seems $$$ to get from Sun Gardens hotel to DBV). But this is still likely the more expensive option.

Thank you so much for weighing in! Trying to balance fun for my kids with not too much shlepping.


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I feel like knowing the rest of your plans might help make a more informed choice. My short take: I’d probably choose to stay the three nights in Split. There’s varying opinions on Split, but I loved it. I think the kids would really enjoy it too. You can do day trips and boat tours from there, and there’s solid, fun beaches reachable by bus/taxi. Great, fun city with options.

Getting to Dubrovnik, the ferry is still your best option. It’s way more comfortable and fun than taking the bus. I just looked up Sun Gardens though… it looks quite far from Dubrovnik. If that’s truly the same place then yes, I would just keep the car until your departure.