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ship parking in Croatia

Dear Community!

I would like to get some information about the parking oportunities in Croatia with a ship.
I read that there are a lot of ports in Croatia, but the parking prices there is too much for me.
On my vacation I've seen a lot of parking ships or boats in small ports, but I don't know about the prices, because it is not advertised on internet?
Is somebody know can i use this small or tiny ports? And where can i find the price if it is not free?


Posted by Nigel
Northamptonshire, England
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So you can afford to run a ship but can't afford port fees and dockage fees? Is that right? How big is your ship?

Posted by szucsmark OP
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You come near tot the truth.
Generally I don't have ship, but firstly i want to collect information about it.
Because i saw that there are a lot of used boats about 6-7000 euro, but somewhere the parking fee is about 2000 euro per year in this category. It seems too high.
I don't think that the thousand boats in this small port pay this high prices...

Generally in the big port i should pay more for parking than the buying price...
So i would like to know about the small ports ...

Posted by Paul
Cedar, IA, USA
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As you look for information, you might bone up on terminology to help, generally what you are asking for is Berthing (which usually includes some utilities and directly connected to a dock) or mooring, which just usually means ties to a line in open water and no utilities. Be aware, that with many National parks, you just cannot drop anchor anywhere.

All that said, you seem new to this, so if you are thinking that a boat/ship is a way to avoid hotel cost, it is about the same as a low cost hotel just for berthing fees (30 euro on up, 50-80 euro typical per night), all dependent on season, how popular the port is, size of boat, what utilities are needed, etc.. It is less for a permanent or long term slip, just as an apartment is cheaper than a hotel, but 2000 euro a year is probably low unless a part of that is just "storage" in an out of way spot. Locals get better deals as well, like any tourist destination, visitors get taxed and charged more.

Posted by David
Seattle, WA, USA
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First....OP needs to learn the difference between a ship and a boat.

Hint: Ships are large (eg: a cruise ship, a container ship, a battleship), while boats are smaller (eg a sailboat, a rowboat, houseboat...). While the standard distinction usually is that ships can carry boats, but boats cannot carry ships - basically...

Finding a place to "park" your boat should be much simpler (and much less expensive) than finding a place to park your ship.

Posted by Nigel
Northamptonshire, England
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first question poster + very unusual question + no dialogue for over a month = another empty room.

Posted by szucsmark OP
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Not true. Still active.

As I know well, I'm in intrested in boat parking.
Can anyone inform me about the boat parking prices. If it's available low prices...


Posted by Norma
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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" .... breathing has costs" ?????? Can anyone take a guess as to what this poster is asking? Oh, wait, I just figured it out ........ BERTHING has costs. Aha. Yes, it likely does but maybe you could contact the local tourist offices in the ports you want to visit for that information.

Posted by Nancy
Corvallis OR
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Have you checked the link given by Adi in a previous post? It looks like it has the information you require.