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ship parking in Croatia

Dear Community!

I would like to get some information about the parking oportunities in Croatia with a ship.
I read that there are a lot of ports in Croatia, but the parking prices there is too much for me.
On my vacation I've seen a lot of parking ships or boats in small ports, but I don't know about the prices, because it is not advertised on internet?
Is somebody know can i use this small or tiny ports? And where can i find the price if it is not free?


Posted by Nigel
Northamptonshire, England
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So you can afford to run a ship but can't afford port fees and dockage fees? Is that right? How big is your ship?

Posted by szucsmark OP
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You come near tot the truth.
Generally I don't have ship, but firstly i want to collect information about it.
Because i saw that there are a lot of used boats about 6-7000 euro, but somewhere the parking fee is about 2000 euro per year in this category. It seems too high.
I don't think that the thousand boats in this small port pay this high prices...

Generally in the big port i should pay more for parking than the buying price...
So i would like to know about the small ports ...