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Sept '22 itinerary etc

We are traveling from Seattlr to Dubrovnik next September. Trying to find a good route. British flight get us to Heathrow at 6:40 am an there is a direct BA flight from there to Dubrovnik at 12:45. That's enough time I hope? Another option is through Condor on Frankfurt. We flew Premium economy with them several years ago and it was "ok". Recent reviews are awful.

Although its impossible to guess covid restricitons by then, does anyone have insight on what is needed for these itineraries if we were to be going now?


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I'd want the entire outbound itinerary on the same ticket, and the same coming home. Otherwise, you'd be in trouble if there was a major change in the schedule for one of the flights. I'd only do a separate intra-European flight if I was spending multiple days in the gateway city.

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Things are changing constantly as we learn how to deal with this situation, world-wide. The conditions and requirements that exist today are not really relevant to what they may be in September. We have reservations on British Airways to fly to Italy next September, and I am not going to worry about that until the date is much closer.

We also have reservations for a different trip to Italy next March, and I did make a change in those flights last July based on then-current restrictions and requirements. Again, we were booked on BA both ways (using miles). I booked in April, and by July Italy was requiring all passengers arriving on flights from the UK to self-isolate for 5 days even if they only transited airside at Heathrow. So in an abundance of caution, I canceled the outbound SEA to Milan flight on British Airways (something we can freely do with miles bookings) and replaced it with SEA-JFK on Alaska and JFK direct to Milan on Emirates. That way we will be flying directly from the US to Italy, with no Heathrow transit. But subsequently, Italy removed that self-isolation requirement for arriving passengers with negative tests (and maybe vaccination? I don’t know). So the change was unnecessary——but the requirements could still change again my March, so who knows? Maybe we won’t even be able to go. But if we do—-my husband is thrilled to be flying Emirates (it’s business class with miles).😏

Bottom line is, you are not going to be able to predict the future or second-guess the requirements. Book the airline you like with the connections you like (minimizing connections to one total), and make sure you understand and are comfortable with the cancellation/re-booking terms and conditions.

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What Lola said re the changing Covid rules. As for the 6-hour layover at LHR, that's plenty of time, even if you have to change terminals. If both flights are using Terminal 5, there are a couple of lounges there where you can hang out comfortably and get fed for some additional $$. I used one for an 8-hour layover a few years ago and it helped a lot. See the LHR website.