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Security in Sobes

thinking of traveling to Croatia this year. Worried about security for stuff when going to beach or about and towns. Don't want to lug around my electronics and all my money especially when going to the beach. Any problems with security in these places?

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Hi Cathleen, we stayed in several Sobe's in 2013 (one's in RS guidebooks) and we had no problem. In fact, they were probably more secure than a hotel (doorlocks, less tenants than a hotel, and the owners had a vested interest in not letting strangers in). We didn't leave valuables out, but didn't hide them either (IPAD, Iphone, money, passports, soveniers).

Crotia was very safe and there was probably more risk of theft walking around than there was in our room. As long as you are aware of who is around you and avoid situations/people that seem sketchy you'll have no problems.

Enjoy Croatia!

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We always put all our valuables in our suitcases and lock them when we go out for the day. My husband and I travelled for 5 weeks throughout Croatia in 2012 and had no problem that we know of. When I was there in 2007 my sisters and I went to Hvar for a couple of nights and rented a sobe/apartment from one of the grannies when you come off the ferry. After leaving the apartment to go into town one of us forgot something so we ended up going back. When we went into our room the granny was in there. We asked her what she was doing (in Croatian as we can speak it) and she made up some excuse that she forgot to clean something. I think she was shocked just as much as we were. I am sure the majority of them are trustworthy but there will always be a small percentage that you might have to be careful of. My Uncle rents out apartments in his home and I am 100% positive he would never do that.