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Sandflies in Dubrovnik?

I’m currently in Dubrovnik, and spent s bit of time yesterday at Banje Beach.....

However I’ve now woken up to find the backs of both my thighs absolutely itching, with what appears to be some form of insect bites. No other parts of my body seem to be affected.

Only rational explanation I can think of, is that there were sandflies in the sand where I was sitting yesterday.... I didn’t see anything but omg!! This is driving me mental - not to mention I really don’t want bite marks all up my legs!! It’s not very sexy!!

I had some antiseptic cream with me so am plastering myself with that in the meantime, but has anyone else experienced this issue? Is it common?

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Could be sandflies or chiggers or any other little critters that hang out in the sand and water. Are you sure it isn't bed bugs?

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Go to a pharmacy and show them. They might have a better treatment. Antiseptics don't do anything for itching.

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I did wonder about bed bugs, I certainly hope not as I’m here another night!!

Good idea re the pharmacy- I’ll try to find one today in my travels

Other than that, I can definitely vouch for the fact that Dubrovnik is absolutely stunning!!

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Toothpaste is good for stopping the itching of insect bites. Others with actual experience of bedbugs can correct me, but I would think they would not be limited to just the area of your body that was contacting the sand.

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Thanks Cara - that’s a very good point.

Also thank you for the suggestion re toothpaste - I got so busy today, I totally forgot to go to a pharmacy and now (being up the hill “home” already) I’m not really too keen on going all the way down to the old town again, or more specifically, climbing those stairs again! Also I fly to Rome tomorrow and would prefer to avoid purchasing any liquids before I get there, am already going to leave my shampoos and conditioners behind :(

I did have a swim over at Lokrum Island today, so hopefully the salt water will have done the bites good, too. That and the Sunlight !! But I do have toothpaste of course so that will be a good thing to use in the middle of the night if I get itchy again!!

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When I got bedbug bites at a hotel in Venice several years ago, they just bit my legs. And yes, they itched like crazy. I suggest that you really check your hotel mattress very carefully - pull back the sheets and look for tiny black droppings, or what might look like tiny blood spots. (Do an internet search so that you know what you are looking for.) You want to be really sure that you are not bringing bedbugs back home. If there is any chance that those are bedbug bites, you will also want to do an internet search about what to do when you arrive back home. It will include: Not bringing your luggage into your house - or if you do, put it into your bathtub to unload it. EVERYTHING will need to be washed in hot water and/or dried at high heat, or baked in your oven on low heat (like shoes), or wrapped in plastic garbage bags for a specific period of time (like luggage). I know I'm missing something here, but just be SURE these aren't bedbug bites you are dealing with.