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safe area to stay

My daughter and a few friends are in europe for the semester and would like to visit Croatia. Is it safe there and what area would you suugest they stay.Thanks

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To be frank, will your daughter and her friends actually pay attention to any advice you offer? Will the friends' mothers appreciate your intervention?

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Croatia is generally very safe. Where exactly do they want to go? I guess something like Dubrovnik?

I'm sure they'll be fine, though :)

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We have had no qualms about recommending Croatia to independent travelers as well as taking our tour groups there for many years. As always, I recommend that the travelers do some research about what they want to see. If none of them have a guidebook that covers Croatia, then some are sold in the English-language sections of bookstores in Europe. Rick's overview at and the Croatian Tourist Office can also be starting points.

If they want to visit a city like Dubrovnik on a long weekend, then they would fly there. Dubrovnik and most of Croatia's coastline are not served by train; bus and ferry are the public transport options. Even if they have a week or more time to spend, they might still fly from their home base. is a good search engine.

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The dangers would include, but are not limited to:

-Getting a sunburn
-Tripping on a cobblestone
-Choking on a fishbone
-Ruining a favorite shirt with black ink risotto
-Getting a bit tipsy on excellent Croatian wine
-Developing anxiety because you regret not studying abroad in Croatia

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Thanks for your suggestions. Any ideas what the easiest and cheapest way to get from italy to Croatia and then back to copenhagen. Its a tough one. Thanks