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Restaurants in Dubrovnik

We are traveling to Dubrovnik in late April. I would appreciate any suggestions as to restaurants as well as restaurants with a view.

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Sorry, not a restaurant. But Buza Bar. On a cliff and spectacular evening sun views - I still remember it every so often. Go for a beer or just a stroll. They don’t care.

Taj Mahal (Bosnian) had an interesting moody ambience and a nice menu if u like Turkish kind of food.

Gradska kavana Arsenal Restaurant had awesome outside sitting area (harbor on one side and old town square on the other) as well as fancy indoors. We went for breakfast twice and the food was good, service was very nice. And the ambience.

All of these are within city walls, where we stayed. Many other places were closed because winter so don’t have more to offer. Thanks of asking this question - I look fwd to learning from this group - we were not happy with the google/Yelp reviews as a guide as many of them don’t seem authentic.

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These are my recommendations but if you google the names, others posters have also mentioned them.
1. Kopun - the best in Dubrovnik. At the top of the main staircase. Not much of a view but great food and service,
2. Gradska Kavana Arsenal - on the side Street across from the church of St. Blaise. Best for people watching. We watched a wedding party walking to the church there one day. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, wine/cheese for an afternoon light meal. If you walk through this restaurant to the back, you are now facing the Adriatic Sea. Beautiful views of the water.
3. Dubravka 1836 Restaurants & Cafe - outside the old city via the Pile Gate. When you walk out of the gate, go to your left, it is behind the Dubravka Shop. Ask for a table with a view, they all do but the ones closest to the wall have a better one. Again, breakfast, etc.
4. Taj Mahal - inside the side streets. Bosnian food, not Indian. The Bosnians have the best meat. Eat your čevapćićI here - sausage without a skin.
5. Kamenice - on the main square, near the morning markets, at the bottom of the staircase. They specialize in black risotto, octopus, and little fried fish, a local specialty. It’s in Rick’s book. Great people watching.
6. Mea Culpa Pizzeria & Trattoria is also on the side street off the Stradun. It is very popular especially with the younger people. If you go too late if is difficult to get a table. At least it was last September.
Hope this helps.

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I agree with the recommendations for Kopun and Tah Mahal!

Kopun - our favorite restaurant and best meal in Dubrovnik. Delicious fresh fish and seafood! Walk up the beautiful baroque Jesuit stairs; at the top, to the right is the Jesuit church and to the left is Kopun. While you don't have a water view, it's still a lovely setting with the church across from you. We ate outdoors on their terrace.

Taj Mahal - As someone else stated, it's not Indian food; it's Bosnian food. Lots of meat dishes. We shared the Genghis Khan platter, and also had Shish Cevap, a very tasty veal dish similar to stew. You must make reservations.

Restaurant Dubrovska - we had lunch here one day. It's located just outside the Pile Gate, right on the water, so beautiful views. We shared a marinated salmon salad and an Adriatic shrimp pizza.