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Recommended restaurants for Zagreb

I am trying to put together a list of must eat places in Zagreb . Dubrovnik Put and Vinodol Restaurant were some of the names I came across on researching a bit. Any other place that I should keep an eye out for ? We are looking for reasonably priced restaurants with good Croatian food. I was reading about Heritage , but it looks like from the menu I see more of cold cuts of meat , else that was another place I would have loved to try.
Also where can I get good Ćevapčići in Zagreb ? I was reading that its something that is found more in Northern parts of Croatia than in south.

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We ate at Heritage about a month ago and loved it! We let our waiter pick out some small plates for us. Basically that 's what Heritage is, a small plates eatery. You can easily make a full meal while sampling many various dishes. It is also a learning experience. The staff are very passionate about sharing their knowledge of Croatian food. Casual atmosphere and not too expensive. We did not have cevapcici in Zagreb. The best cevapcici of our entire trip was at a little roadside restaurant just south of Plitvice named Bistro Vila Velebita. We ordered the meat platter that included veal "under the bell" and bacon wrapped cevapcici. The waiter brought out the house made pumpkin olive oil that was to die for! Still thinking about that meal in a little out of the way, unassuming bistro. We also had really good, authentic cevapcici at Kantun Paulina in Split. Lines can be long. Frequented by locals.

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Jeanine , was it more of cold meats at Heritage ? or was all the meat cooked ? From the Heritage menu , it looked like cold cuts of meat , so I was opting out. The place looked really interesting .
We are going to Plitvice and Split as well. So I am bookmarking these places as well. Thank you so much for the heads up.

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Zagreb has a ton of restaurants. It has Indian food. I guess Croatians like foreign food like other places do. There are plenty of restaurants. We never plan on restaurants, just find a restaurant district and read the signs. All are in English and Croatian.