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Rail - Venice to Rijeka

We are trying to plan a trip seeing both Venice area and Croatia. (fly into venice, out of Split - or vice versa). The trip hinges on us getting from Venice to northern Croatia. I see that there seems to be a once-daily rail trip from Rijeka-Pivka-Trieste-Venice (and vice versa) that takes about 6-7 hours. But...when I check the trip planner for June, the trip stops showing up.

Does anyone know if a train option is reliable? I am using the Rail Planner app by Eurorail. Are there any other resources?

We will then pick up a car in Rijeka to sightsee/travel in Croatia. We are a bit of a novice in euro travel, so I don't want to get stranded and am not very daring or the fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type.

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The timetable might not be out for June, which is why you wouldn't see the connection.
Either way, it's a long time on train - I see 7.5 hours with two connections.
It would be more fun to take the ferry from Venice to Rovinj or Pula, and rent a car in either city. Also, the area where these cities are located, Istria, is definitely worth spending a couple days.

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I agree with balso. Take the catamaran from Venice to either city then rent a car. The drive from there to Rijeka is about an hour. We go to Pula often from Rijeka for a day trip. The train is too long and boring.

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Thank you for the responses. The ferry remains an option, but since it only runs 3 times per week, it’s not ideal.

I found that Enterprise’s website allowed a rental car pick up in Croatia with a return to Italy. But upon calling, that is actually not allowed.

Has anyone used a transfer service such as GoOpti? Rijeka to Trieste is what we would need.

Are there any other ideas on getting easily between northern Croatia and northern Italy?

Thank you all!

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There should be buses between Trieste and Rijeka, too, and it shouldn't take much more than 2 hours.

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GoOpti has been mentioned positively on this forum on a number of occasions. You can probably find some of the earlier posts via the Search function.