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Quirky Yugoslav-Era Architecture in Croatia

This aricle from The Daily Beast describes and identifies the location of several intriguing-sounding modernist buildings in Croatia. Built during the period of Tito's rule, apparently to a high standard, they are now abandoned but accessible to the public. I suspect most would be hard to reach without a car. I wonder whether anyone on the forum has encountered one of these?

Embedded in the article is this link to a website with a database of modernist WWII monuments constructed between 1960 and 1990:

I think this topic may have come up before. I have a vague recollection of it, but I can't find anything via a Google search. I think it must have been quite a few years ago.

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It took a little while to read this interesting article. I’m pretty sure I saw just two of the many listed. I have to go over some old pictures. I saw the one in Zagreb and on Krk.