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Questions regarding Best of Eastern Europe in 15 Days and Best of the Adriatic in 14 Days

In September 2019, we are considering doing as consecutive tours the Best of Eastern Europe in 15 Days Tour followed by the Best of the Adriatic in 14 Days Tour. There appears to be some overlap across these two tours in Slovenia and Croatia, although only 1 night in the same location (Plitvice). If any of you have done both of these tours, did you feel there was too much overlap?

Here is another related question:

We are currently planning to do three consecutive tours -- the two above as well as the Best of Germany, Austria & Switzerland in 14 Days. Of the three tours, we definitely want to do the Best of the Adriatic, but are flexible on the other two. If you think there is too much overlap with the Best of Eastern Europe tour, which other tours would you recommend considering that are relatively close geographically (i.e., among Central and Eastern Europe tours)?

Posted by Alan
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There is way too much overlap and having done the Adriatic we have yet to book Eastern Europe and that is the reason. Maybe after a few more years have elapsed, but back to back would be a expensive duplication. Consider the Prague and Budapest tour along with the Adriatic. If you really have energy for a third tour I suppose one of the Germany tours would fit. However, we really enjoyed our week in Montenegro where we rented an apartment. Consider something like that as a alternative to a third tour.

Posted by Don
Rhode Island, USA
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We did the EE tour in 2013 and the Adriatic Tour in 2015. They are both basically unchanged since then. Looking at the itineraries I do not know how it can be considered there is way to much overlap. The only stop that is the same is Plitvice. There are a number of trails that can be taken to make it a somewhat different visit and even the type of day can change how it looks. And I don't know who would not appreciate seeing the park more than once. The stop in Bled, which is done on both tours, is only a partial day stop on the Adriatic Tour and the EE Tour stop in Ljubljana is only for part of a day. A partial day stop alone in Bled and Ljubljana just does not do either of these towns justice. By taking both tours you will have been able to spend more time in both.
Having done each of these tours I would strongly recommend taking both of them and we are so glad that we did. We did the G.A.S. Tour last September and while it was one of the best of the six RS tours we've taken so far the EE Tour is still our favorite.

Posted by Alan
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Plitvice, Lubjliana, Rovinj, Lake Bled. All 4 on both tours. Each worth a revisit a few years later but back to back a few weeks apart? I say no.

Posted by Tamara
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I am not taking them at the same time, but decided the bus times on the Eastern Europe trip looked too long for me, so this year we are doing the Berlin, Prague and Vienna tour and adding Budapest and Krakow on our own, and then in a year or two we will do the Adriatic. I would recommend that, or perhaps the Budapest and Prague tour with the GAS tour would be great. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Have a great time!

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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I'm not sure why you're limiting yourself to tours that are "relatively close geographically." If I were to do back to back tours, I'd look for contrast. As long as you have at least 2-3 between tours, you can probably get a cheap flight at the end of the first tour to the departure city for your second tour. Of course, before finalizing plans, do look at flight availability.