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Questions about Kotor/Dubrovnik/Mostar Trip

Hi everyone,

I'm considering the following itinerary and would love some feedback and tips:

Day 1 (Friday August 2nd): Fly into Dubrovnik, hire a driver to drive straight to Perast, Montenegro. Stay in Perast
Day 2: Kotor/Perast, stay Perast
Day 3: stay Perast and tour Montenegro
Day 4: drive/bus to Dubrovnik, stay Dubrovnik
Day 5: Dubrovnik
Day 6: tour to Mostar, stay Dubrovnik
Day 7: Dubrovnik
Day 8: fly out of Dubrovnik at 2pm

Things we're considering:

  • Ideally we'd love to stay a night in Mostar to get a better feel of the place than a few hours with a tour bus but don't want to drive and it seems difficult to get public transport there and a private driver would be expensive.
    • If we were staying the night in Mostar, probably better to go directly there from Kotor because otherwise too much back and forth (Dubrovnik - Kotor - Dubrovnik - Mostar - Dubrovnik).
    • Trying to find a nice place in Dubrovnik under $160 a night is HARD! I know we've left it really late but any recommendations greatly received!
    • We're travelling with our 8 year old son. He's a great traveler and very flexible but any tips on travelling with kids appreciated.

Thanks so much!

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I found public transit to Mostar easy, but the timing doesn't lend itself to a day trip. It would be easy to take a bus to Mostar one day and return to Dubrovnik the next, but it could chew up a good part of 2 days. A day trip might be a better option for your short trip. If you do decide to overnight in Mostar and travel by bus, buy your return ticket immediately upon arrival in Mostar (or in Dubrovnik before departing if that's possible) as buses can sell out.

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I have been from Dubrovnik to Kotor in a car but not Mostar--why do you not wish to drive it? That would be the easy solution so you can overnight--drive from Kotor, stay a night, then return to Dubrovnik.

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I’ve thought more about your itinerary and traveling with an 8 year old and here is my advice: scratch Mostar. It has the rebuilt bridge but not much else to hold a childs interest. Given the limited time you have you are spending a lot of time in transit as it is; adding Mostart means 4-5 hours consumed en route. You’ll be pretty jet lagged landing in Dubrovnik. My suggestion would be stay there for 2-3 nights. Rent a car, drive to Kotor. Consider a VRBO or the like. (We got one in Dobrota, outside of Kotor right on the water). With a car you can really explore the Bay, take a trip into the mountains. Then back to Dubrovnik overnight for your flight the next day. The hotel I cited in Dubrovnik is in Lapad near a pebbly beach your son would like. Caveats: the border crossing from Croatia to Montenegro can be slow at times (they were at war not too long ago). Consider stopping for lunch here on your drive It’s a beautiful place with good food. They fawned over our kids. General advice: slow down, you’ll all enjoy this more.

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I agree with Alan. Spend first nights in Dubrovnik than rent a car and drive to Kotor and stop at Herceg Novi and Perast along the way. On your way back you can leave the car at the airport and take a short taxi ride (5 km) to Cavtat for overnight. It is a charming coastal town where you will have a better chances of finding one night accommodation for a reasonable price.

As far as accommodation in Dubrovnik try Lapad area. It might be cheaper than in and around the old town yet has a very good public bus connections.

Mostar is a nice city to visit on a day trip from Dubrovnik and you can also visit Kravice Waterfalls which would be fun for your kid. However, the drive can be exhausting with kids and Mostar is usually very very hot and crowded in summer month.

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Hotels in Dubrovnik are crazy expensive. We found a nice place from among those listed in the guidebook, but have also had good luck with airbnb. Also check Trip Advisor, searching with Sobe, Dubrovnik. Lots of options there. Good luck!