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Program and car rental

Hello there,

I am going to visit croatia this summer with my girlfriend and I have got some questions I hope that the experts can help me with!!

We will spend the trip as follows;

  • 4 days in Zagreb .. 2 days trips one to plitvice lake and the other is to zagorje region and varazdin as well as the castel

  • 3 days in Zadar .. 2 days trips one to pag island and Zrecé beach and the other is to Modric cave

  • 5 days in split .. and the daytrips are as follows

1- krka falls

2- hvar island

3- vis island and bisevo island including the blue cave and the green cave at the same day

4- Brać island and zlatni rat

  • travel from split to Dubrovonik by catamran

  • spend 4 days in dubrovonik .. 2 daytrips one to lokrum island and the other is to mijet island ..


1- How do you people like this program ?

2- Is it worthy to rent a car ?

3- what are the cheapest companies that don’t force you to pay a huge amount of insurance ?

4- If i rent a car, for how many days depending on my itinerary?

5- Modric cave .. has anyone been there and do i need a guide to enter it ?

6- Is it possible to camp close to the beach in pag island ?

I mean to build my own tent and sleep inside of it !!

7- finally, is it possible to find a local car renting company that might be cheaper than those ones that can be found online ?

Thanks for your patience ❤️❤️

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I'm not 100% clear about car rental, since we usually take buses in Croatia. Croatia is easy to drive in. Roads are fine. There not usually a lot of choices, as it is not a huge country. For instance, there are 2 roads to PL - one the superhighway, the other the local road from Karlovac. We have rented from Sixt, Enterprise, EuropeCar, Avis. All have been pretty much OK. You need to call and do price comparisons.

I can't quite picture your whole trip. I would suggest simply going to Plitvice on the way from Zagreb to Zadar. I'd leave in the afternoon from Zagreb, and stay overnight near PL. I'd get to the park early. Do the park, leave at 2-3, drive to Zadar. Note that it is now possible to get PL tickets in advance - there's another posting about this.

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In addition to overnighting at Plitvice on your way from Zagreb to Zadar, you might also consider stopping at Krka during your drive from Zadar to Split. You could then return the car when you arrive in Split, as I don't see why you'd need it to day trip to islands from Split. Following that plan, you could pick up the car day of your first day trip from Zagreb and return it upon arrival in Split. With a car in Zagreb, you might want to consider lodging with easy access in and out of the city, which probably means not staying right in the center. When I had a car, I used a hotel that was about a 10-15 walk from Jelacica Square. Be sure to try pizza while in Zagreb. It's surprisingly good.