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power adapters for Croatia (& Slovenia)

Packing up for our trip and came to our trusty supply of European adapters (France, etc.) as well as the ones for the UK.

But, yikes, I'm thinking that the adapters we'll need for Croatia (& Slovenia) are different still. Is that right? If so, is the airport the best place to pick some up or are there shops in Dubrovnik where I could easily pick up a couple? Thanks!

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For both Slovenia and Croatia I used the same 2 prong ones I have used in Italy, France, etc. with no problems. But hopefully someone with more tech expertise than I have will reply!

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This website should tell you just about everything you need to know.

Looks like the German Schuko plug (Type F) should work perfectly.

The Type C, Europlug, should work, but it is not grounding and limited by codes to 2½ amps (575 Watts), which is fine for charging computers, cell phones, etc, but not for hair dryers

Appliances which are polarized, one US blade wider, will lose protection in most European receptacles, which are not polarized. (Polarized US appliances should really not be used anywhere in continental Europe.)

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I too used the same 2-prong adapters on my recent trip to Croatia and Slovenia that I've been using for years in Germany, Belgium, France, etc.

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There are two very similar two pin sockets in use across Europe – Schuko and Euro-type. They differ in that the Schuko has an earth, and is the type normally used in Croatia. A Schuko adapter will fit both types of socket, but the Euro-type adapter may not physically fit the Schuko socket, because the absence of an earth slot makes it impossible to push into the socket.

So the bottom line is certainly not the one you used in the UK. The one you used in France may work, but to be sure, you need the Schuko. I would pick one up at the airport rather than trying to track them down in Dubrovnik, but before you go, do a search for Schuko adapter on Amazon, so you can see the type you are looking for, and how it differs from the one you already have.

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I've used Type C (just 2 pins) Europlug adapters and never had one not fit into a Schuko receptacle. The Type C is supposed to fit. I guess it's possible for a an oddball Europlug type adapter sold in the US to not fit, but I find it unlikely.

There are some 2 pin adapters sold here as Northern Europe that will not fit in Italian (non-Schuko) receptacles because of pin diameter, but Croatian receptacle should be Schuko and take the larger pins.

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Thanks, all! Yup, I'd done a quick check on the web but found references to types and names of adapter plugs with lots of data that only served to muddle my almost-packed-and-ready-to-go brain.

We've had these plugs (for France, etc.) in such abundance and for so long that I wouldn't begin to know their type. And, yes, I was pretty sure (from the web references) that it was not the UK plug. But one site was a UK site that talked about/compared their plugs to what was needed in Croatia so that added to my momentary befuddlement.

I forgot to mention that we will be in France for a couple of weeks before heading to Croatia so I should be able to do a bit more research in (say) a FNAC store. But it does sound like our mainstay plugs may be the right type. (This is for charging our phones, computer, camera batteries -- nothing fancy or high-draw (e.g., no hair dryers, etc.!!) Thanks again with all the quick and helpful responses.

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I was in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia last September, as used the same two-pin Plug Adaptors as in continental Europe. I normally travel with a selection of both grounded and ungrounded Adaptors, so can usually fit just about any power point.