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Plitvice ques

I am going to Plitvice soon. I am wondering if we take the recommended trail from lower lakes to upper lakes, how do we get back to our car parked at entrance 1? Do we rode a shuttle bus or something? Any other advice on maneuvering the park?

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There is a shuttle bus, and distances are shorter than you might think, somyou might be able to figure out a loop back to your car, alol wing uout to see a less-trafficked part of the park. There's a tiny map of the trails either on your ticket or on a little piece of paper they hand you at the admission kiosk, and the trails are well-marked with signage labeling the various routes. Still, dependent on a public bus to get back to Zagreb, I wanted a real map. The small shop (not the admission booth) sells a large, more usable map. It's over-priced, at least 3 euros, but it's invaluable if you want to follow something other than one of the laid-out paths.

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We are in the park now. It is very hot so check the weather and come prepared. Also if you are staying near, go to the park as early as possible to avoid crowds. I know people say that but we arrived at 8:00 from Entrance 3 and had some peaceful moments and then left from 1:30 to 4:30 and returned to do some more hiking. The P3 boat area had almost no one there at 5:00 to closing. We had dinner there and walked out about 7:00. Very nice. Enjoy!