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Plugs in Croatia

What type of plugs will be needed in Croatia for charging electronics?

Thank you

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Croatia uses the same kinds of electrical outlets as in most of the
rest of Europe

Are we talking about plugs or receptacles (sometimes called sockets)? Technically, an outlet is anywhere the wires come to the surface, be it a built-in lighting fixture, a switch, or a receptacle.

According to this webpage (, Croatia uses the German style, Schuko, receptacles, which will fit the German Schuko plug and the type C, Europlug (the one with two round pins).

Almost all receptacles in Europe today have grounding means. There are a variety of grounded receptacles in Europe, the most common being the Schuko, used in Germany, with grounding clips on the sides of a cylindrical recess. The French Schuko receptacle is simialar with a protruding pin for grounding. Today, most Schuko plugs have clips on the side and a contact hole so they can be used in either the French or German receptacles.

In Italy, grounding is through a third pin hole between the two live holes. Switzerland is similar with the grounding pin offset so the plug only goes in one way. The Swiss receptacle is polarized. Because of the offset of the protruding pin in France, their receptacles could be polarized, but I understand that this is not always the case.

The two-pin Europlug is rated for appliances up to 2½ amps (575W at 230V), enough for electronics charging, but not enough for hair dryers.

And, of course, the UK and Ireland are entirely different.

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Thanks to everyone for their response.

Have a good day.