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Plitvice tickets and entrances

We will be going to Plitvice September 13 in the afternoon, staying overnight and entering the park again on September 14. This forum has recommended doing a late afternoon visit the first day and an early morning visit the second day. Would a 3 PM entrance time on day one be too late? That is the latest they offer. We are both in reasonable health and can walk at a decent pace. There are two entrances. Do you do entrance 1 one day and entrance 2 the second? I am assuming that we need to buy tickets for each day. We will be staying at the Zrinka guest house, also highly recommended on this forum. Any recommendations for how to navigate this? We realize this being a Friday and Saturday it will be more crowded.

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The rationale behind the late afternoon/early morning schedule is to avoid the crowds
in the middle of the day.

While this is definitely a good idea, I will say that I think the trails in the upper lakes
around ST3 are not that crowded any time, and you could start there on day 1 earlier
than 3pm. You will have to navigate the crowds to get there, but you could then do
the rest of the upper lakes later in the day when the crowds have thinned out. This
implies parking at entrance 2.

On day 2 you could park at entrance 1 and see Veliki Slap and surrounding areas.

Note that the parking lots at either entrance are a fair bit above the park and you
will walk downhill a ways at entrance 2 through the hotel area and down a trail at
entrance 1, and back up to exit.

Since you will have a car, I will offer an "insider tip" - drive over to Poljanak and take
the road a few km towards B&B Villa Nena. When you see the small bridge over
the river, park the car and find the small trails that lead to the scenic overlooks.
You can access the overlooks by hiking up from the lower falls area also, but
this is a lot easier.

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We did what the OP proposed. If you buy the multi day pass why would you not go into the park the afternoon before your full day? Entrance 1 verses entrance 2? No matter.