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Plitvice - Need ticket in advance?

Hello. Does buying a ticket online to Plitvice avoid having to stand in a long line at the ticket booths? Will be arriving mid-afternoon mid-September and would rather spend time exploring the park than standing on line.

Similarly, can we buy a ticket for the parking lot in advance and does that save time in that line upon arrival? Thanks so much everyone.

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I wish I could answer your questions, but I just don't know. However, I hope you won't have a significant parking or ticket line if you arrive mid-afternoon. There doesn't seem to be a way for individual travelers to buy tickets ahead of time via the park website.

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It probably depends on the time of day you get there. All the tour buses start arriving near 10am so I’m guessing the lines are long then. We were there in mid June. We split the park over two days. We arrived at 4pm, no line for tickets, bought a 2 day ticket, walked the upper half that evening then got there next day at 7am to walk the lower half. The hordes of bus tourists leave around 4pm. If you do it this way you can enjoy the park without fear of getting knocked off the planks. It is a magical place, its what I imagine the Garden of Eden to look like.

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We arrived mid afternoon and there was no long wait to pay for anything - this was May. Same for parking - it seemed like most people were leaving and we were against the flow of traffic.