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Plitvice Lakes Tour

Would you recommend taking a tour of Plitvice Lakes? Any good tour operators? We are staying in Split so looking for a ride from Split + Tour. Or should we just rent a car and go self guided? Thanks!

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More about convenience. The hardest part about visiting Plitvice from Split is getting back and forth. Once you are there, you don't need a tour guide - very easy to explore the park yourself. There are public buses, but the return to Split is probably too early to make a day trip feasible. Renting a car gives you the maximum flexibility, but I'd certainly look at how long a tour would give you there and what it costs. Realistically, you can see the park in a good 6-7 hours in park (once you get tickets - I hear there can be a line just for that at peak visiting times. Maybe a tour operator would handle all of that and save you time.

If you will be visiting Plitvice anytime near the summer months, expect big crowds in the park mid-day which many find quite unpleasant. That's why I prefer to stay over a night at the park and enter it first thing in the morning when it opens at 7am, so you can see it for a few hours before the big tour groups arrive! But that just isn't an option for many, I know!

As an alternative to Plitvice, you might consider Krka National Park which is a lot closer to Split. Get a public bus to Skradin and you can take a boat from there up to the big Skradinski Buk cascading waterfall. It's larger and more magnificent than any one waterfall at Plitvice, though I really prefer Plitvice overall.

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There's no need for any kind of "guide" or tour. You just need to get there. Best way is to rent a car. The drive is not difficult (there's just a scarcity of vowels, you'll get used to it). As suggested by Andrew, arrive early afternoon, do a few hours in the park as the day-trippers are starting to peel off, spend the night in the park hotel (in the park) - a little weird but good enough - then get up the next morning to be out when the park opens, do a few more hours, then move on by midday as the crowds return. Easy. No guide needed (or wanted) once you're there.

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For those of you who have been, I've read that there is a steep descent from Entrance Gate 1 to the boardwalks. (I'm thinking path B which is designated as Easy). Is this descent steps or is it a possibly slippery trail? Handrails or not? Thanks.