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Plitvice Lakes accomodations

Hello all!

I will be traveling through Croatia in September and was planning on stopping to visit the Plitvice Lakes national parks on my way to Zagreb from Split. My plan was to depart from Split on the 6th, Spend the night at the lakes on the evening of the 6th. Explore the park for a half day on the 7th and then continue onto Zagreb that evening. I will be using public transportation to get to and from the lakes. All the hotels within the park that RS recommended (Hotel Jezero, Plitvice, Bellevue) seem to be booked. On the national parks website the only option that comes up with availability is Grabovac Hotel. On the map this seems quite a ways from the entrance of the park. Has anyone has experience with this hotel? Would we be able to get to it from the bus? I'm open to all recommendations, Sobes and private rooms are fine. I'm very low maintenance I just want something relatively close to the park and bus stations.


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When they don't stay at the park hotels, our tour groups have also enjoyed staying at We believe it's near the public bus line, but you'll have to confirm that.

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Hi Gina, I stayed at hotel Bellevue last year and at various times the website said there were no available rooms. However, it seemed they had blocked out room/days for tour groups and if they didn't get booked they freed them up occasionally. You might try faxing them or emailing them directly to see if you have better luck. I'm not familiar with the place mentioned by the other reply, but other than the 3 hotels I don't think there was a reasonably located place to stay near the bus stop. If you are planning to visit the lakes a half day seems pretty short to see much and even more so if you have to make your way to the park from hotel/sobe outside the park.

Check the hotel site daily for a week and see if any rooms open up

Good Luck!

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Hi Jon!

I really appreciate your response! I went ahead and sent them an email directly. As for the length of time, also good advice. I was going by the recommendation from the RS guidebook but I think it might be best to stay one more night to ensure we are able to see everything at a pleasurable pace.

Thanks again!

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We stayed at Knezevic Guest House and would definitively recommend it. It was a short walk (about 15 minutes or less) to the park, so we didn't have to worry about parking. We were traveling with our 2 teenage kids and everyone was very comfortable.
Plitvice is beautiful, enjoy!