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Plitvice in Early April?

Does anyone know what Plitvice will be like in early April? I understand there is atill alot of snow there now, will the lower lakes be accessable or impassable? Does the park close? Is the trip still worth it if onlt the upper lakes are open? We are buying plane tx now and need to decide to fly into Zagreb (to do Plitvice) or Split (to concentrate on the south). Also has anyone been to Krka? Is it as nice?

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I have been to the lakes in early April. It was a great time to go - the leaves were just a beautiful color of green, the crowds were minimal. I would highly doubt that there would be residual snow as this is not really in a mountainous area. Why not fly into Split, though, and also do Plitvice? I definitely prefer Split over Zagreb any day. Never been to Krka, but I understand that one of the main attractions is the fact that you can swim in those lakes, unlike Plitvice. You're not going to be swimming in them in April.

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Late September/early October we visited both Plitvice and Krka. We liked them both. At Plitvice the lower paths were closed (although we saw people walking them) due to high water but we still spent 5 hours walking and enjoying all the beautiful views. A few days later we went to Krka. We arrived mid-day after first visiting Sebenik. We visited the main part of the park, Skradinski Buk, and did not get to Roski Slap. Being a smaller park it seemed we were even closer to the falls than at Plitvice, if that's possible. Both parks are impressive and worthwhile. Hopefully you'll have the time to see for yourself.