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Plitvice distances outside the Park?

We are currently (Sept 7) in Korcula and will be at Plitvice in 4 days. We booked a room for 2 nights at Hotel Plitvice and received an email recently (just before we left home) saying they cancelled our room due to construction - but rescheduled at 16 Lakes, and that it's about the same distance from the Park. We arrive per bus schedule, at 2:45p. Entrance 1

Our "plan" was to drop our bags, and go into the Park late that afternoon and then get up early and go again. We've gotten an email from our hotel that raises some questions - maybe someone knows the answers to.

Are there shuttles between buses that arrive at the Park and hotels? We don't know how far it is and mistakenly thought we booked in an official park hotel, so would be close.
Do hotels typically have shuttles to Park? Are they complimentary?
The hotel can get us 2-day tickets but I'm wondering if we need them now. Would it be practical to go early morning, go back to hotel and then return same day late afternoon?
Can we use a 1-day ticket for multiple entrances per day?

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A quick google search shows that 16 Lakes is not the same distance as Hotel Plitvice. They do not appear to offer a shuttle.
I would contact the hotel for answers--that will be much quicker!

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Thanks for the reply!
This seemed too weird especially since we couldn't get a response on rate. Today we received an email from 16 Lakes telling us about all the transfers they could arrange. I had not paid or provided a cc #. So we looked for a room in one of the park hotels -which is what I thought I had - able to book one night and now arriving in time to get into park in afternoon and leave again next day giving us enough time to go back in early morning. Hotel takes care of tickets.
We changed to one night at Plitvice and one in Zagreb on our way to Ljubljana.

This is better.

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I think it was not ethical to move you that distance without effectively informing you, so glad that worked out--without a car, I think it is best to stay within the park (I think Bellevue is another park hotel). With limited time, this is especially so. The hotel parks are dated, but they are absolutely fine for a night--and worth it to be in the park as long as possible,

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Yeah, 16 Lakes Guest House, according to a Google Map, is about a 30 min walk to Hotel Plitvice (where I have stayed in the past). That's at Entrance #2.

Which hotel have you booked now? The Bellevue is also at Entrance #2 across from the Hotel Plitvice. The Hotel Jezero is up by Entrance #1. You can confirm this by looking on a map. If going by bus, it's important to get off at the right entrance to avoid a long walk with bags between entrances!

I would confirm with whichever hotel you have now booked that you have the correct entrance. Tell them you are arriving by bus, etc.

If it's not one of those three hotels, FYI, they can't stamp your park pass from the previous day to avoid paying for a second day.

On the other hand, if you stay at some guest house that's cheaper, you may pay more for a shuttle and a second day of park entrance, but it could wind up being the same cost or even less, total, even if a tad less convenient.

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I actually called the Natl Park hotel reservations to try to sort it out. They didn't have a reservation for us and the person I spoke to took the time to look up the name of the person I had been exchanging emails with since April. That person is not on their staff - she worked with a private booking company.

Since I originally clicked on the hotel link on the Park website we think either it got "high jacked" or user error. But I had mentioned staying in the Park several times.

We feel lucky and relieved it was discovered before we arrived.

Thanks for your input.

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We just discovered this discrepancy today and will be arriving at Plitvice in 4 days. Only one of the 3 park hotels had a room available one of the two nights we had originally planned to stay. These Forum comments have helped a lot. With the right hotel and correct timing this is better and we won't have to pay for transfers etc.!