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Peljesac Peninsula

Hi, I'm curious if anyone has stayed on the Peljesac peninsula and if so what areas/towns would you recommend? Is this a nice area of Croatia to visit? We will also be spending around 4 nights in Dubrovnik and probably 3 nights in Bosnia. I'm looking for somewhere for the last 3 nights or so that's a bit less bustling where we can chill out (hopefully by the beach) and relax, yet still be relatively close to Dubrovnik for our flight back (thus probably have ruled out going up to Split and the islands around there). As much as id like to do a bunch of places around the country, we have two young kids so too much traveling from place to place would be a lot for them. So any advice on Peljesac peninsula (or anywhere else relatively close to Dubrovnik but still different enough would be great. Any islands off Dubrovnik worth staying a few days on? Or even anywhere on the Makarska riviera? Thanks in advance!

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Unfortunately, I only drove through the Peljesac peninsula on a bus tour (to eventually get to Korcula) but it was gorgeous! I would return and rent a car - it was a treat just to drive through it. Look into either Ston or Mali Ston - they looked like lovely, very laid back towns in that area. If you like oysters, you're in for a treat. There were a lot of oyster restaurants there and we saw many oyster traps in the water as we passed by, so it appears to be a good oystering spot.

Cavtat (a little south of Dubrovnik) would perhaps be more laid back (and definitely less expensive) than staying in Dubrovnik. Four nights seems like a long time to stay in Dubrovnik, but not if you do day trips to Montanegro or you see things at a very relaxed pace (the actual fortified city is very compact). Lokrum is an island closest to Dubrovnik but it's not inhabited - but it's good place to visit and a very short ferry ride.

I loved Mostar in Bosnia. I would highly recommend the Muslibegovic House as a place to tour (since it's partially a museum) and to stay overnight. It was beyond lovely, clean, well-maintained, and the breakfast was delicious.

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Thank you sooo much Agnes for your reply! I really appreciate it, and great ideas! Great to know that the peninsula is beautiful and I will definitely check into it now. I was thinking that 4 nights is a lot in Dubrovnik too but I think, as you mentioned, we'll probably do a day trip to Montenegro and I also just started reading about Lokrum as a good day trip. I really want to get to Mostar too -- thanks for the rec on where to stay I'm going to check it out for sure! Did you make it to Sarajevo? Anywhere else you visited that you loved? Thanks again so much for the tips!

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Yes, I did visit Sarajevo as well (for 3 full days) and really found it fascinating (it has a very sad history though). I would recommend going there if you have the time and interest (if you need suggestions, just PM me). I started there, then went to Mostar, Split, Brac (island off Split), Dubrovnik, Montenegro (did a bus day tour but next time will rent a car and explore more), Korcula, and then back to Split to fly home. It was a 12 day trip - very enjoyable and I was very happy to have included Bosnia in that trip. Even in Dubrovnik, which looks almost dreamlike, you will find scars of the war and shelling if you look close enough (Croatia shares a common history with Bosnia).

I would recommend all of these places because I really enjoyed them all. Korcula was really neat, if you can make it there. There's a ferry on Orebic, although I'm not sure whether people park their car outside or drive it in. There were no cars on the island that I recall.

I did not make it to Mljet Island but it looks stunning. I don't know how old your kids are but they may really enjoy it there. There's a national park on the island.

I think you can find a lot of family friendly places to chill out and to stay (maybe you should consider an apartment or house rental? may be more economical and functional). Croatia was very relaxing and there are so many mellow, beautiful villages where you can just have a nice, friendly, easy-going vacation in lovely surroundings. Nice place to swim as well.