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parking in Rovinj

We will have a rental car at the end of our week/10-day in Slovenia/Croatia. We plan to end up in Rovinj, to be close to our departure from Pula. However, having a car in Rovinj looks like a problem. We want to stay in/near Old Town (or walking distance) and would like something with a water view as a nice end for our trip. But what to do with the car? None of the close-in places we've checked have overnight parking.

We would turn the car in at Pula when we arrive in Rovinj but the stories about transport between Rovinj and Pula make that sound like a very, very bad idea.

Any suggestions for either parking (safe) in Rovinj or transport between Rovinj & Pula? Thanks!!

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keri, two years ago we stayed at Villa Kristina and parked our rental car on the street out in front of the property. 5 min walk to waterfront and 5 add'l min to old town. You can find reviews on Trip Advisor - good price, comfortable, clean and very friendly. Many similar properties in the surrounding neighborhood.

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There is a huge public parking lot just outside of the old town (where you can't drive anyway). I am certain you can park there overnight.

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Thanks, all. It does sound like the "public parking" option is a bit too unsettled (and pricey) for our tastes. Also, all of Rovinj Old Town appears to be "sold out" at the end of June. And here we thought we were starting early.

Craig, in the end we've decided to go with Vila Kristina, which (after days and days of internet searching) turns out to be one of the two we started with (from Rick's book). We may not have a view but at least we have a mini-kitchen (& balcony). No sea view this time, but at least there's a view of 'something'.

two years ago we stayed at Villa Kristina and parked our rental car on the street out in front of the property.

We are hoping that this is still the case and will work for us (end of June). We've 'walked' the street, back and forth, with Google's walkman and agree that it looks like an uncomplicated neighborhood.

Many similar properties in the surrounding neighborhood.

Indeed ... we've tried to identify some other candidates we spotted on our 'walk' but sometimes Google is really, really confused in these distance locations!! (e.g., the "Hotel Eden" is wildly mis-placed!!!) It will be fun to do the walk for real and see what is actually out there!!

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Keri - I went to Rovinj last year. Rovinj is abolutlely wonderful. Been to Europe over 10 times. Rovinj and Sienna my favorite medium sized cities. Parking in Rovinj. We rented a private apartment. No parking. The guy told us a place to park for free and just 6-8 blocks away from the old town. Was absolutely perfect for us (60 year olds). Others are parked there as well. On google maps, type in U. Stjepana Radjica Rovinj Croatia. Google maps will direct you to a soccer field. At the intersection of Ul. Stjepana Radica and Ul. Franje Iskre you'll see a narrow gravel parking lot along side the road. That's an official parking lot for residents and tourists. It worked out great. I'm kinda careful where I do park and at first I wasn't sure if I should park there, but I wouldn't hesitate again. Yes we had to walk a little, but I'd rather spend my money on grilled squid than parking. I just saw where you are going to stay. This lot is 1-2 blocks away, I think they'll direct you to park here just as our place did.