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Open jaw plane ticket

Hello, I'm in the beginning phases of planning my first time vacation to Croatia. My last time in Europe I was in Italy and we flew into Venice and out of Naples. Can anyone suggest a itinerary for flying into one city and out of another city in Croatia?

Thanks so much!

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Without very much information and assuming you are staying exclusively in Croatia, you might want to do Zagreb and Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is way south of many Croatia sites and so it would be a good place to either arrive or depart from. Take a look at Condor out of Portland. They go into Frankfurt but will sell you a continuing ticket onto Dubrovnik on Lufthansa.

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Zagreb is the best connected of Croatia's airports and will offer you the most options in terms of airlines and prices. Dubrovnik can be a good endpoint as it is at the southern tip of the country and you won't have to backtrack. The other airports would either involve back-tracking (Split) or aren't as well connected (Pula).

As you're planning your itinerary, also consider that you can usually get a relatively cheap domestic flight on Croatian Airlines which opens up the possibilities of where you fly in/out. You could even have an itinerary where you fly into and out of Zagreb without any back-tracking if you also have a one-way flight to Dubrovnik, and then work your way back to Zagreb. You might have to get a little creative if you need to keep expenses down.

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Thank you Valerie and Mike.... great tips! Yes, I'm planning on staying the entire time in Croatia.