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One year ago.......

...... we arrived in Split and commenced a phenomenal 12 day stay (five in Split coupled with a seven day small ship cruise). Now locked down we shall spend the next 12 days recalling the joys experienced. Thank you Croatians for the wonderful memories which now enable dealing with the COVID lock down. We shall meet again!

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Thanks Marbleskies, Croatia is on our short bucket list. In looking through our pictures, a year ago today we were paying a once in 30 year repeat visit to Leipzig Germany to check on progress made after reunification. It was stunningly beautiful when compared to our coal dust filled 1990 visit.

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Which cruise company did you use? We were to go on a small ship cruise last week out of Dubrovnik. We were able to push it back to next September. Which islands did you visit. Also, did you do a trip report? Sorry for all the questions but I’m just curious and would love to hear about your trip, especially since we will be there next year.

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One year ago I was a plane and starting
a monthlong visit to Paris.
It was wonderful.

I’m hoping for a month in Europe again this Spring or perhaps next Fall.

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One year ago we were winding up our 5th visit to Venice.
This day in 2015 we were leaving Paris and heading for Carcassonne.
...In 2013 we were picking up our car in San Fran and heading for Yosemite.
...In 2012 we were in Paris and panicking because Brittany ferries were on strike and we weren't sure how we were going to get to Portsmouth to see my sister.


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I was planning an awesome Summer 2020 European vacation for my family:


My biggest worry was finding the right water bottle for my kids because I told them I wasn’t going to carry theirs anymore.

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One year ago we returned from Budapest, Vienna, Cesky Krumlov, Prague & Amsterdam. Fond memories from each destination.

Like Marbleskies, wonderful memories of Croatia at this time in 2018. Recalling our journey through our travel photos. Grateful for all our past travels!

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Last year, in June, we finished our 5th visit to Croatia at a small conference in Zagreb followed by a visit to the Croatian Neanderthal Museum. We then went to Beograd, and moved on to Timisuara and Oradea (Romania). On the same trip, we visited Greece and Hungary.

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We used the largest small ship cruise company, Sail Croatia, and were quite satisfied with the experience. There are other providers and the link below takes you to a good overview of the offerings.
We would choose a warmer month to gain a less water chilling experience.
Small ship cruising is a totally different experience than normal cruise experiences, but we highly recommend using this form of travel to gain a great comprehension of how Croatians live among the waterways.

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One Year Ago Today, we boarded a Southwest Airlines flight to Oakland, then a Norwegian Air Shuttle flight to Paris and met up with a dear friend who we met on the RS "Best of Barcelona and Madrid" tour two years earlier. We roamed around the City of Light for two days. She has been in France for 10 days when we arrived, so her holiday was ending as ours was beginning. We stayed in Montparnasse (Hotel Odessa) as her departure and our connection were both from Gare Montparnasse. Delightful and all too brief.
We traveled from Paris to Bayonne via TGV rail and began the RS "Basque Tour" with our wonderful guide, Francisco Glaria. There are many reviews of the RS Basque Tour elsewhere on this site. I encourage you to consider it....a wonderful experience!
At the end of our Basque Tour, we flew from Bilbao to Lisbon and spent a week in a rented apartment near Rossio Square. We hired RS tour guide Cristina Duarte's husband (Pedro) for a wonderful walking tour of the amazing Lisbon. Fantastic. We purchased "Lisboa Cards" at the airport upon arrival from Bilbao and explored the city with ease and excitement.
From Lisbon, we flew to Madrid, revisited the Reina Sophia and Prado and met up with our former RS tour guide from "Best of Barcelona and Madrid" (Federico Barroso) for a wonderful evening and delightful dinner. (Federico is our hero.)
We took the high speed AVE train from Madrid (Atocha station) to Barcelona (Sants Station) and stayed near Corte Ingles. Magnifico.
Our self directed walking tour included stops at the Picasso Museum and the Blacklab Brewhouse. Que Bueno!
Return flight - Barcelona to Oakland on Norwegian then Oakland to Portland on Southwest.
Sadly, our 23 day adventure ended much too soon. Many fond memories - more to come.

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We are booked with Katerina-line for our small ship cruise. Thanks for the response.

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One year ago last week, I had just finished riding the Canadian across Canada, with extra days in Jasper and Vancouver. It was wonderful - my first solo trip - and I am so glad I didn’t put it off.

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Yes, Croatia is absolutely wonderful and Split as well. I know it is hard, but better days will come and then you will be able to go back to Croatia and enjoy again. Since you were in Split, I assume you only visited other places nearby, so you were in the region called Dalmatia. How about Istra next time? It is wonderful, Pula is the biggest city which has the beautiful ancient arena. Rovinj is practically little Venice but with way less people. Motovun is a beautiful movie-town on a hill. And if you are in Poreč, you should definitely visit Euphrasian Basilica which is on the UNESCO list. However if you want to stay in Dalmatia, I totally understand, it is amazing. Thousands of islands and pure joy. You can't go wrong whether you decide to go to Dalmatia or Istra.