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One day in Dubrovnic, best place to eat and best site(s) to see? Safety? Euros only?

Hello! I only have one day in Dubrovnic this summer. Could anyone recommend the best place to eat (I'm vegetarian but eat seafood) either due to the view and ambiance and/or the food? Also, what would be the best sites to see on foot with so little time, starting from Gruz Harbor? Also, would it be safe for a lone female to walk around the city in the evening? Lastly, should I plan to pay in Euros only if credit cards are not accepted, or should I have some local currency too? (And if so, can local currency be obtained at the Dubrovnic airport?) Thank you in advance for your help!

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I was in Dubrovnic a couple of years ago and there are number of restaurants that will meet your needs. Most are away from the main tourist drag and are excellent. It's important to get some kunas (local currency) as Euros and US dollars are not widely accepted. There is an exchange in a shop just as you enter the city. Get just what you think you will need for the day. Walk the city wall if you have time; quite a memorable experience with amazing views of the sea, as well as the results of the war. Plenty of stops for refreshments along the way.
There was a cruise ship in port that day so, there was a special concert in the square. I got a gelato and enjoyed the music free of charge!
I hope you enjoy you time there as much as I did!

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Hi Marlene,
Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help! I will do what you suggest! I had no idea I could eat gelato in Dubrovnic either! How do you recommend getting from the airport to Gruz Harbor? I will not be renting a car, so how will I stop at the exchange shop as I enter the city? And how much would a nice restaurant meal cost in dollars, for example, so I have an idea of how much money I would need to exchange?

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There's a good sushi restaurant but the name escapes me at the moment. I don't think there are too many in town so you can probably find it on tripadvisor. I agree--walk the wall but make sure it is not during tour ship time. Easy town to walk and explore. As for safety you'll be fine. Get some kunas when you're there.