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Neum, B.H.

Fellow Travelers! I posted a similar question to the Bosnia-Herz. forum because I think it fits in both fora, which question is: is Neum a good place to stay in its own right and/or as a jumping off place for other Dalmatian/Balkan points? I'd like to see Split, Mostar, Dubrobnik, Kotor, etc. (If it helps the analysis, I may have a free place to stay in Neum.) Worth it? Or skip it? (I'm not rich, but neither am I destitute.)

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If you value budget-friendliness and having a free place to stay, Neum could be a reasonable choice, especially if you plan to explore the surrounding areas by car. However, if you're seeking a more vibrant and diverse experience with a variety of amenities and attractions at your doorstep, you might find staying in larger cities like Split or Dubrovnik to be more appealing. It's also worth considering the convenience and cost of transportation between Neum and your desired destinations, as well as the potential time you'd spend on the road. If you're open to a mix of experiences—staying in Neum for a more budget-friendly option and then spending a few nights in larger cities for a richer experience—that could be a balanced approach.