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Need help with planning a vacation

My husband and I need some help with a travel idea for this summer. We are looking four or five day tour (more sightseeing) followed by about five days of more leisurely, resort-type vacation. Croatia is one of the locations we're looking in - also looking at other Balkan countries. It will be us and our two sons, ages 16 and 18. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

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Thank you everyone! We are still working on this but really appreciate the information!

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Teen age - young adult sons.

Have you considered a guided or “self-guided” cycle tour? The kids can use road or cross bikes while Mom and Dad cruise on e-bikes unless you’re athletic types yourselves. The islands are hilly.

In 2018, we did a guided bike tour in Croatia with a company based in Split. Changed our lives. (We are now e-cycling 2000 to 2500 miles a year here in Seattle and environs) MeridienTen was the company we used in Croatia.

Last year we did two one week self guided cycling tours in France as part of our four week trip. Le Velo Voyageur was the company we used.

Next month we will be in southern Italy for 30 days. We’re looking forward to a one week self guided cycle tour as part of that. We will be using Cycle Puglia.

Self guided is roughly half the cost of guided, so with a family of four, that may well be a consideration. But for our first trip, in Croatia where language was an issue, we loved being pampered by local guides with a local company.

Self guided means they provide bikes, maps, directions, a phone app to keep you on course, and also hotels and luggage transfers. Perhaps a little bonus tour on one of your days. And also phone assistance if you need help.

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Croatia is gorgeous, of course. But if you are looking at somewhere equally gorgeous but cheaper, try Montenegro with mountains and beaches.

You can definitely plan it on your own, but I have no qualms recommending Dijana Krkotic, [email protected]
for planning purposes if you want help. Her fee is extremely reasonable and she will do as much or as little as you want. Plus she knows all the new little boutique hotels across the country that would fit the latter part of your trip.

Due to some different circumstances for me, I used her last year to plan my 2 weeks in Montenegro and 2 weeks in Bosnia.

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We've researched and then planned our own trips (for example one to Italy/Amalfi Coast area) and then met with a Rick Steve's agent who reviewed the itinerary and made some very helpful suggestions. It was a $50 charge and well worth it. Based on their recommendation we made some changes that really made a difference.