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Need advance tickets for Plitvice in early April?

I'm booked on a bus to Plitvice, from Split, mid-week in early April, due to arrive at 12:30 pm. Does anyone with experience think I'd be better off booking my ticket online ahead of time? I'd like to be on the trails by 2:30 pm.
I'm worried that it's pretty easy to mess up travel times, and wondering if I'd be better off buying my ticket in person? Hard to imagine that they will be sold out of tickets, but then again, is there a real risk of that? If so, I will buy ahead of time.

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What your actual date? It sounds as if it could fall within the Easter break. I have no idea how busy the park will be at that time of year (definitely worse if the weather is great). I would guess tickets won't be sold out; the bigger concern for me would be crowding. The recommendation here--from me as well as others--is to spend a night in or near the park so you can see it late in the afternoon and/or in the morning. It can be a crushingly disappointing experience during the day-tripping period. Think boardwalks packed with people moving in both directions so you really can neither pause nor pass someone.

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I'll be there Tuesday, April 7; between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. Do you think it's okay to wait to buy on site?