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We are planning a last minute vacation to Greece and Croatia. Do you know if many museums and other places of interest are open?

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I understand that some museums in Croatia have reopened. Check the English language site Total Croatia News for details. They have an active up to date community . In Zagreb I love the Croatian museum of naive art in Upper Town. In Zadar the glass museum is fascinating. To enter Croatia google the government site 'Enter Croatia' and follow the new rules. Note that Greece and Croatia are not adjacent, and other intervening Balkan countries may have complex Covid protocols. Fly Athens to Zagreb, then Pula or Zadar (the Croatia Airlines plane from Zagreb goes to Pula via Zadar).

You need proof of accommodation to enter Croatia as a tourist at the moment, a prepaid booking will do. See "Enter Croatia". Also their vaccination and infection rates are not yet fully favourable. Istria is a region with very favourable numbers.

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Zadar has a lot of nice museums. I, too, am a big fan of the naive art museum. It's quite small so doesn't take long to see, and it's world class. The Museum of Broken Relationships is a lot of fun; yes, I know it sounds hokey. There are several small art-related museums in the Old Town area. The larger museums are mostly located in the area between Old Town and the train station.

When I was in Zagreb in 2015 the tourist office had available (but not on display) a small brochure listing all the local museums with a brief write-up about each. I found that very helpful in deciding which ones would appeal to me. I wouldn't expect documentation to have been updated with current hours of operation, because they probably will not settle down for some time. I know the hours of the Smithsonian Institution branches here in DC are nowhere near back to normal.

I'd try to identify potentially-interesting museums and go direct to their websites for current information. It's possible some will not have gotten the days and hours of operation updated, but I think that's the best source of information until you're actually on the ground.