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Mostar: From Split or Dubrovnik?

We'll be vacationing in Croatia in mid May and would like to Mostar.
Is it better to daytrip to Mostar from Split or Dubrovnik?
Is it better to rent a car or join a tour bus?

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I joined a small bus tour several years ago, from Dubrovnik to Mostar. However, I only did so because I wanted to get transport from Dubrovnik to Mostar, and did not plan to take the bus back. My plan worked (I travel with only a small carry-on bag), but I would not recommend a bus tour to Mostar based on my experience. First, the bus stopped at a rest stop/cafe near the border for over half an hour (wasted time). Then, once we arrived in Mostar our group of about 18 was merged with another group and so there were some 40 people trying to follow a local guide around the town. I left my baggage in the bus in order to take advantage of the tour, but after half an hour of being herded up and down the main street, I returned to the bus, grabbed my bag, and headed to the guest house that I had booked for two nights. I had a wonderful time in Mostar for the two days that I was on my own, experiencing the people to be warm and friendly, the food delicious, and the town beautiful. Be sure to go to the town museum, if you can, and watch the movie there about the bombing of the bridge during the war, and how the people later rebuilt it. This is a town whose narrower streets and fascinating views are not well experienced when with a larger group!

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If you have the time and are traveling overland and not visiting islands in between the two instead, I always thought just taking the bus and staying a night in Mostar en route from Split to Dubrovnik (or vice versa) would be a nice way to do it.

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We went Dubrovnik - Mostar - Hvar in October.

I think In terms of distances it’s pretty similar Dubrovnik or Split.

From Dubrovnik we decided to take “the scenic route” which google recommended which turned out to be basically a golf cart path up through a burnt out mountain and through the most random border crossing in the middle of a forest lol.. we then drove for almost an hour on a road which had land mine signs on either side until we reached somthing that resembled a highway lol..

The major roads are fine.. occasionally we came across some random police checkpoints but we were always just waved through.

While it’s not a large distance, I think you’d enjoy it more driving, staying a night, and casually driving on. Very nice accommodations are very cheap there. We stayed 2 nights 3 days but kind of ran out of things to see by the 2nd day. We didn’t really feel like driving around outside the old town but it was nice to see.

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When visiting Mostar, if possible, find a way to get to Pocitelj, a preserved stone town close to Mostar. It is an outdoor museum and park.