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Mostar day trip or overnight?

We will be in Dubrovnik at the beginning of our trip. Although some have recommended just day tripping Mostar, we are considering spending a night or two there.

Any suggestions? one or two night too much or is it really just a day trip?

Our general itinerary is Dubrovnik-Mostar-Korcula-Plitvice Lakes then fly out of Zadar.

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I stayed overnight in Mostar, and I am glad I did. It's lovely in the evening when the crowds have dissipated. The bridge is lit up at night and it's really pretty. My best experiences in Mostar were the three people I connected with in the evening: an artist at his gallery, a baker at his bakeshop, and the woman working the front desk at the B&B where I stayed (Muslibegovic House, which I highly recommend if you do stay overnight). None of those people would have had much time to chat with me in the busy part of the day. Those are the best kinds of memories!

That's not to say you can't get a good experience there without staying overnight. You can see the main attractions in an afternoon.

Two nights are probably more than you need, unless you enjoy being in a pleasant place without doing a lot of sightseeing.

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I would spend the night there. The Muslibevogic House mentioned in prior posting was fabulous - I loved staying there. I felt even less than 2 full days was a bit too rushed. If I had 3 days, it would have been perfect and relaxing and would have allowed for a side trip in the area (to Kravica Falls, etc).

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Thank you Lane and Agnes. We ended up booking an airbnb to stay over night. Although after reading your posts and research that house, I wish we had pooked there instead!
Your advise was very helpful!

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Glad to hear you are staying overnight. Mostar in the early morning before the stores open their iron doors and set up their wares is a very different place to mid-day. You can wander around and find the local market at the far end of the riverfront street on the Muslim side, stop for coffee on the TERASA rooftop terrace cafe - look up, way up, from the bridge - on the same side -ask at the Cafe Bijeli, as they own it, and will show you the way - up to the busy street, turn right, turn right again into an alley and up the stairs. Best view on the bridge, the river, the mosques, the cobbled streets. Find the museum in the restored Hamam by the river that shows how they restored the bridge and why they created a restored centre of key buildings in hopes of attracting tourists again, and slowly making a living in difficult times. Buy something, anything , in Bosnia, to help them along. The local market, the House of Isfahan full of real goods from the east, local tinsmiths and painters. so much talent, so little money. Slippers and socks, rugs and scarves, whatever. If you want to compare and contrast, visit a mosque and the new cathedral church on the Croat side with its high tower and cross, and consider how cultures that lived together for centuries can suddenly be manipulated, controlled and abused. Mostar is best viewed early and late with less tourist traffic (day trips). A long lunch in Bosnia is time well spent. Talk to locals, they love that you came. Dip your sugar cube in the turkish coffee cup after you pour it, and suck reflectively , then eat the Lukoum. Always eat the sweet stuff.

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Just an add on to Vivaldi-one's very complete and thorough post: we spent a wonderful few hours on the terrace of Terasa. Awesome view of the bridge and wonderful food and drinks. Everyone who worked there was charming, friendly and enjoyed spending time just visiting with us. We stayed the night and I am happy to read you decided to do that. I think of all the cities I've visited in Europe, Mostar was the one with the most emotional impact on me. I would emphatically agree with every suggestion Vivaldi made for you.

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I believe that Mostar and the reconstructed bridge can be done in a day. But the BORDER crossing and the midway stop (I forget the town name ... Historic baths) can be time consuming.

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Wow, thanks for all the suggestions! This is exactly what we were hoping for. When we get back I will post a follow up of our experience there.

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I will have to disagree with the opinion that one day is enough for stay in Mostar. Old bridge is nice but it is far from truth that it is the only thing worth seeing when in Mostar. See this spectacular film about Mostar and its surronundings.
Source of Buna river in Blagaj (10 km from Mostar) is equally spectacular as Old Bridge, Kravice waterfall also, Pocitelj village, not to mention Neretva river canyon etc.